QR Codes

OK.  If you haven't heard of QR codes you will soon.  QR stands for Quick Response.  Its a code, like a bar code, you scan with your phone's camera.  When you scan the code your phone will recieve information from the internet about the code you just scanned. 
  • Why bother you ask?  It saves the person scanning time.  It hyperlinks the physical world to the information world.
  • Like what?   
    • You can scan contact information into a phone without retyping.
    • You can link to web sites:
      •  fliers, (save paper)
      • product detail,
      • presentations,
      • spreadsheets,
      • text statements
      • map coordinates for events or properties 
      • documents ................all without writing down or retyping a long url (web address).
    • You can link to Calender events
    • You can get a sms text message from the QR code
  • In Japan QR Codes have replaced the text on products stating, "see our web site for additional information"
  • In Europe retail displays feature product information with them that would be too cumbersome to list.
First get a bar code reader for your IPhone or Android phone  then open the app and scan the 3D QR code to the right.  All my contact information will come up.