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Bike Path Properties

Here is the idea.  I've lived and worked in Fort Collins since 1987.  Our family has lived close to the Spring Creek Bike Trail for much of that time.  It has changed the flow of our lives, and I know a lot of people using the miles of trails in Fort Collins would like to live closer to a trail as well.  I can help.  

Call or text me at 970-310-3450 or send me an email at Kevin@KevinBarrier.com and I will personally help you find your own Bike Path Property.  You will know about new listings the day they come on the market not seven days later once they are under contract.  I provide personalized service.  All I ask is that you use me as you Realtor.

If you are interested in selling your Bike Path Property I'd be happy to assist you in preparing the property for sale and marketing your home to the maximum number of buyers possible.